One floor fits all spaces


More than just a beautiful floor, Hydrocork is a low thickness floating solution with a core board made of composite cork that can be placed in any indoor space without boundaries. Ideal for renovations, Hydrocork is 100% waterproof, incredibly stable, durable, a great noise absorber, and a thermal insulator. You simply cannot compare the unmatched properties of natural cork.

It's an amazing step forward in floating floor technology.

The range is world renowned for its exceptional quality.


Available in a beautiful range of realistic wood-looks that provide all the benefits of Corktech technology. Experience the difference of Hydrocork for yourself, it's the ethical flooring choice and one of nature's most extraordinary gifts.

How you will benefit


Apart from being 100% waterproof, Hydrocork acts as a buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath. Tests show that Hydrocork floors can reduce the walking sound by up to 53% compared to laminates. Cork's honeycomb structure is filled with air which makes is possible to absorb sound and vibrations.

The unique thermal insulation properties of cork make Hydrocork very energy efficient and provides an optimal floor temperature throughout the year contributing to your family's overall comfort.

Hydrocork's inherent flexibility and cushioning properties provide a unique sense of comfort. Even when walking barefoot. It is cosy and very relaxing.

It provides the perfect balance between flooring that is too hard or too soft. It also provides much needed stability and reduces the effort of walking and decreases body fatigue.

Hydrocork has high impact resistant properties meaning that the cork's natural elasticity and compressibility results in fewer breakages. It is robust flooring for a busy lifestyle.


Cork Technology

To be classed as an authentic cork flooring product, the cork composite core requirement is a minimum thickness of 3mm. Many advertised 'cork' flooring products in New Zealand contain very small amounts of cork and do not meet this requirement.

Let's have a look at the structure:

1. Protective wear layer that is 0.55 mm thick with embossed texture.

2. High resolution printed film for a realistic and attractive wood-look.

3. Solid vinyl layer with a thickness of 1.2 mm.

4. Agglomerated cork composite core with PressFit system in 3mm thickness.

5. Integrated vinyl underlay - 1.2 mm thickness.


That's a total thickness of 6mm and strip dimensions of 1225 mm long x 195 mm wide.


​Superior floating floor technology makes Hydrocork the clever choice. Unlock the true benefits of cork and insist on Hydrocork!

Simple, easy and fast installation

Hydrocork is only 6mm thick making it easy to cut and quick to install, even on top of other flooring materials. Its unique design and flexibility also allows the flooring to be removed, reused and installed again.

PRESSfit is a revolutionary new compression system that takes full advantage of the amazing properties of cork - flexibility, elasticity, functionality and compressibility. It functions as a cork stopper and is the optimal choice for renovations and new builds.


Hydrocork also does not require any underlay. So simple - it will save you time and cost.

Step 1

Hold two planks side by side and when it is inserted in the gap, the cork core automatically compresses.

Step 2

Press down along the joint with the help of a rubber hammer. This is when it expands back into its initial shape forming a stable and watertight seal.

It's that easy!

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